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Metals, Metal Fabrics, Wire & Tools : Metal Mesh & Fabrics

Woven stainless steel, brass, copper and bronze are here for you. Ranging from fabrics which are as fine as sheer fabric through to sturdy, crisp, paper-like fabrics.

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Stainless Steel Fabric - A4 Burnished

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A4 piece of a fabric which is actually created from very fine stainless steel wire. This gives a wonderfully soft metal fabric. Lay flat or twist and scrunch for textures. Cut with scissors, stick, bond or stitch to attach to other surfaces. For use as a fabric for textiles or other crafts. We burnish each piece at the gallery to give a each piece a unique colour pattern. Available in various different "thicknesses". 100mesh x 0.03mm wire has a very soft, silk like feel. 160 mesh x 0.03mm wire feels like a soft fabric. 270 mesh x 0.03mm wire - getting stiffer and crisper. 100 mesh x 0.56mm wire - a more open mesh but with a thicker wire.

Price: £4.40


The Complete Lustr'ed Cloth - Cool Tones

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Put together as a Special Show Offer this pack has been so popular when The Beetroot Tree has been 'out and about' we have decided to extend its availability to everyone! An experimental Metals Techniques pack together with 'This Lustr'ed Cloth, an artists' workbook of metals' by Alysn Midgelow-Marsden. Including this fantastic book with detailed explanations, inspirational ideas, step by step project and artist showcase you will also receive a piece of Aluminium Shim (Approx A5), a piece of Stainless Steel Fabric (Approx A4), a Metal Bitz Pack, two packs of mixed beads and various lengths of Enamelled Wire. Saving you 20% and getting you started on your metal adventure! Also available in warm tones for 21.95.

Price: £19.15 Special Offer - was £24.00

This item is currently out of stock. Please return later or contact us to find out about future availability.


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